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Check out one of my latest projects i added to the showroom. For any inquiry regarding my artwork please contact me by email.

Motomania III - Bombach, 2013
Motomania III, 2013 – 79 x 129cm

DOUBLE O SEVEN 007 – Series

James Bond 007 – Gun One, 2012

A new series is born! On base of a fine art, black & white canvas print of my Double O Seven piece, i create a unique variation of the original by superimposing a new, hand painted layer. Due to the consistency of the acrylic paint i´m using, the layer will have translucent characteristics, allowing a certain visibility of the original painting below. The concept will feature some of the key and most known elements of the James Bond movies such as villains, machines, cars, girls and movie titles. Let me know if you want one!


Casino Royale
Casino RoyaleDouble O Seven - James Bond
Double O Seven
Circus Circus
Circus CircusSea World, 2012 - Marco Bombach
Sea World

Due to the great and positive response on my work i have decided to start offering more of my original pieces as “fine art prints”. Nevertheless, it is quite a journey to get to a proper result. At the beginning there is always a high resolution photo which has to be taken and further processed prior to start the production itself. Later, the color profiles of the printing machine have to be tweaked to result in the right color set up. I think the ones i´m able to do so far really were worth the effort as even i have difficulties telling wether your are looking at the original or the reproduction. At least from some distance! That´s definitely a good sign and a nice indication of the great quality which is achieved on these canvas prints. Click here if you want to know more.